CO-Z Kids Pod Swing Seat Child Hanging Hammock Chair Indoor Outdoor Kid Hammock Seat Pod Nook (Upgraded Two Straps, Pink)

Description :

Ultimate coziness always turns out to be an incredible cradle for creative ideas and healthier grow-up. Our swing chair is a fun and cozy nook for kids to read, listen to music, or daydream, offering relaxation and stimulating imagination. It's also perfect for a child with autism or sensory issues because it makes them feel safe and warm inside.

Made of cotton canvas, rated weight capacity 170 lbs., it offers enough space for child to play with his/her favorite toys. The seat is an inflatable cushion that is inserted into a zipper pouch.

Weighing only 2.4 lbs., this hanging chair can be easily mounted in kid’s room, in the backyard or even taken along on trips. You may let your sweethearts enjoy sunshine and breeze at backyard on this lovely hammock. Enlightenment always happens in relaxed freedom!

Package List:

Care & Notes


Handles and neckrest for comfort
Equipped with dual handles and a neckrest for your kids to rest; extra-thick rope for improved load capacity

Comfortable and safe
Made of 100% healthy cotton canvas, perfect for kids and other users to play with their favorite toys so they can enjoy their childhood to the fullest

Removable extra-wide cushion
Removable PVC cushion that is durable and extra-wide, the zipper closure makes it easy to clean and assemble


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - The durable and soft cotton canvas along with the strength carabiner and extra-wide sling ensures a rated weight capacity 170 lb., providing enough space and weight capacity for your kids to play with favorite toys on the swing chair
  • USER-FRIENDLY WITH CUSHION & HEADREST - The PVC cushion is ultra soft, flexible and durable, and the fully removable cushion makes it a joy to clean and reassemble; the headrest seems simple but provide essential support for ultimate comfort
  • EASILY HANGS ANYWHERE - Weighing only 2.4 lb. it’s super easy to relocate, can be mounted in child’s room, in the backyard, and or even carried along for family trips
  • THE FAVORITE SPOT - Our pod swing provides a fun and cozy spot for kids to read, play, daydream, and relax with their friends and toys
  • KIDS’ BEST GIFT - A harmonious and perfect swing hammock for kids to explore their curiosity outdoors or indoors
  • Specifications

    • Brand Name: CO-Z
    • Size: Larger for 2 kids/1 adult
    • Color: Pink