Diaper Bag Backpack - 6 Insulated Bottle Holders - Detachable Stroller Straps

Description :


It is true that parenting journey can be a rollercoaster, especially for moms.

Sometimes it takes more than your family or your friend's help. Sometimes what you need is to believe in yourself and a few extra pockets on your diaper bag.

Yes, you will be the mom with the awesome bag in the Sunday Brunch. Mockmosa anyone?

Our travel backpack diaper bag will help you stay on track in your mommy life. You can pack clothes for your newborn, toys so he/she can play while you shop????️, pockets for your baby's food, and space for your daily dose of healthy snacks.

That's right Moms. Get ready to be prepared for every possible scenario.

You will get our modern bag, at your doorstep????, measuring L25*W21*H42cm, and a set of stroller hooks that will give you the freedom to walk in the park with the family.

With storage to have everything your baby needs while you do tons of errands & on the go, a back zipper (not a pocket) that will give you access to the inside bottom of the bag, that's right, no more emptying the entire bag to get what is at the bottom. Also, you will have space with 5 insulated pockets to hold enough bottles ???? with food for your baby's day.


Dr. Brown's tall 8 oz & similarly shaped bottles

Bigger sizes, such as Dr. Brown's 9 & 11 oz, MAM 11 Oz, and sippy cups, fit in the insulated pockets inside.

Plus, don't forget the mommy storage you will get with the upper small back pocket for your phone, a 6th insulated bottle holder on the side to hold your green smoothie, and, of course, an open-minded mom needs a bag that stays wide open when open.

Order yours NOW and consider buying another one for your best friend baby shower????

????% money-back guarantee within the first 90 days of purchase


  • ???? LIFE IS TOUGH MOMS, BUT THEN AGAIN, SO ARE YOU. We know you are the admirable mom that will do anything to keep your baby safe & comfy. Your baby will have new diapers, clean clothes, and toys, on the go. Not to mention food. Our front pocket has 3 insulated bottle holders that carry your baby's food. Yes, 8 Oz Dr.Browns too. Inside, we got 2 extra insulated pockets to fit 11 Oz bottles, sippy cups, or for anything else you might need. On the side, we got a 6th insulated pocket for you.
  • ???? FOR THE SUPER-MOM WHO ON CRAZY DAYS WEARS THE SUPERWOMAN VEST. Our well-designed bag will go hand in hand with you in this magnificent adventure called motherhood because we know every bit of help counts. With a storage of L9.8*W8.3*H16.5 inch, that will allow you to pack everything you need. While the bag is unzipped, the top stays open, making it easier to look for something even with one hand.
  • ????‍♀️ PRODUCTIVE MOMS PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND. We know that feeling of wanting to get the best out of your day. Don't we all? Our versatile bag has dedicated pockets to solve & organize your mom’s everyday needs. With 6 inside divisions, a small upper back pocket to hold your essential phone ???? secure, and a small pouch for wet item. This is the absolute perfect solution for you if you crave for organization.
  • ⏳ TIME SAVER: THAT'S RIGHT MOMS, YOU WILL FINALLY BE ON TIME FOR YOUR YOGA CLASS. No more spending your yoga????‍♀️ time packing and unpacking your diaper bag over and over again wherever you go, or feeling like your baby's' pacifier is like a needled lost in the sand. The back zipper not a pocket will give you easy access to the inside bottom of the bag; you can get that diaper, or baby stuff without digging through the whole bag.
  • ???? A ESSENTIAL PIECE OF MOTHERHOOD. LIPSTICK, HEELS, PACIFIER: ACTION. Does it call your name when you hear those words? Our bags are dedicated to the stylish mom that makes a difference in her child’s life. Who said you couldn't handle your mommy ???? days with style? With storage to hold your makeup essentials ????, an easy to clean water-resistant fabric, and stroller hooks to give you free hands while jogging in the park with your little one, this is just perfect for moms on the go.


  • Brand Name: AMILLIARDI
  • Color: Light Pink