Sugar Plum Crown Onesie Newborn Gift Set

Our Sugar Plum Crown Onesie Newborn Set is the perfect gift!
  • Soft, thick cotton is embellished with bows, rhinestone buttons, and jeweled crowns. Each decorative detail is individually glued onto the onesie.
  • Onesie Crown Bow Outfit
  • Bow Cap
  • Bow Mittens
  • Imported European Fabrics 
  • Available sizes Newborn-12 Months
  • Pre-order 2-3 Weeks

Care & Washing Instructions: As the product is sensitive we recommend washing it by hand. If the jewel embellishments become unattached during washing, wait until the clothing dries, then put it back in place and heat it with a warm iron for 12-15 seconds. Repeat until it stays in place. Be sure your iron is on the lowest setting. This set is not designed for daily wear.

Our designs are handcrafted and custom made. Please allow 2-3 weeks production time for custom orders.

*For any other changes, please contact us for more details - We will be delighted to assist you in your vision of design, fabric choices and color options.

*If a rush shipment is needed, please contact us for further information to discuss your order and date of occasion.

Thank you for shopping with Sugar Plum Avenue