YOZO Modular Closet Portable Wardrobe Children Dresser Storage Organizer Garment Rack Cube Shelving Multifunction DIY Furniture, Pink, 12 Cubes

Description :

Product Details:

YOZO Modular Storage Organizer:
- Pink
- 12 Cubes: Fit for small room, apartment, dorm
- 14.2 inch(Depth): Hanging Teenagers' and children's clothes

- Soft Polyresin Sheet
- Steel Frame
- ABS Connectors
Grid Dimensions:
- 13.8"(W) x 13.8"(D) x 13.8"(H) / 35cm(W) x 35cm(D) x 35cm(H)
Unit Dimensions:
- 42.5"(W) x 14.2"(D) x 56.7"(H) / 108cm(W) x 36cm(D) x 144cm(H)
Item Weight:
- 23.6lbs / 10.7kgs

Main Components:
-  34 pcs x Square Plastic Panels (13.8" x 13.8" / 35cm x 35cm)
-   9 pcs x Square Wire Panels (13.8" x 13.8" / 35cm x 35cm)
-  12 pcs x Square Plastic Doors (13.8" x 13.8" / 35cm x 35cm)
-   1 pc  x Hanging Rod
-  44 pcs x ABS Connectors
- 150 pcs x Cable Ties
-   1 pc  x 5-column Hooks
-   1 pc  x Wooden Mallet

What makes YOZO stand out among all closets?
- Better price and easier installation comparing wooden closets.
- More durable and sturdier than fabric closets.
- Modular sturcture enables custom designs.
- Extra panels and connectors provided for custom structure.
- Exclusive Gift: 150 pcs cable ties for securing structure and connecting doors.
- Exclusive Gift: 5-column hooks provid extra hanging positions.
- Guarantee for free replacement parts in one year.

- Modular and simple installation needed. Please do not order if you have problem with installing things.
- Returns requested within 30 days from the receiving date will be accepted after confirming the reason of return and condition of the item.


  • OFFER ENOUGH STORAGE - Every cube can hold 15 T-shirts or 10 jeans. Mommy no longer to worry about there is no enough storage for your children.
  • STURDY STRUCTURE - Worry about the portable closet will collapse when you try to put in more clothes? Use our exclusive gifts cable ties of 200 pcs to make stronger than ordinary closet organizer.
  • FIT MOST SPACES - This portable wardrobe support DIY, you can make any shape to get creative about storage space.
  • MUTIFUNCTION STORAGE ORGANIZER - This storage shelves for different belongings such as clothes, bags, shoes, toys, etc.
  • FAST SHIPPING - Effective transporation ensures most of the buyers receiving the products in 2-5 days.


  • Brand Name: YOZO
  • Size: 12 Cubes
  • Color: 14"(d)-pink